Meet Our Inspiring Suppliers...

Feed2U doesn't just stock any old brands. Each brand we work with has been carefully & specifically chosen for not only top quality products, but a great business ethos behind what they do. We thought you should know just how AMAZING each & every one of our suppliers are! 



We pride ourselves on producing pure, high quality products that are locally sourced and 100% natural. We strive to provide quality, personalised service to ensure high customer satisfaction. We are proud to be NZ Grown and NZ Made Certified.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best results possible for your horse and meet their needs by using wholesome, balanced and nutritious ingredients that are environmentally sustainable and materials that are eco-friendly. We combine locally grown produce to bring you unique products with several health benefits, inside and out.



Within the equine market, Cambridge Grains is renowned throughout the racing, Sporthorse, and lifestyle industry for the manufacturing of fresh, high-quality, complete feeds. Cambridge Grains have instigated a recycling programme for their feed bags. Feed2U can collect your bags when we deliver your next order, & return them to CG for recycling. 



We have left out the minerals from our feeds, so you can add what your animal needs without overdoing it with the supplements already formulated in the tucker. We also have kept in mind that if you have a horse in NZ, you are more than likely to be the proud owner of either a couple of leftover pet day sheep, chooks, cows or goats. Our feeds are also suitable for these guys, so you can feel at ease about spreading the love.

 Our aim is to provide you with animal care products that work, cost-effective feed systems that you are able to maintain, minerals that reach your horse correctly and support that goes with this.

We are keeping the fancy labels and the shiny packaging out of it! So that we can keep the costs down to deliver a premium product at a cost-effective price.

Holistic Hoiho are using both paper & recyclable bags for their products. They're also made right here in Northland so you can feel good about supporting ya local! 


HERDD bedding

Our bag is 100% compostable - that means you can put it in your manure pile to compost, burn it in your (legal!) fireplace, put it in your garden as weed mat, in your garden compost bin, or simply recycle it in your council collection.

With the health of the environment firmly in our sights, we keep our marketing eco-footprint minimal, while maximising our bag size and community impact.

We proudly support a NZ Community Participation program designed to extend the independence of its people with disabilities, helping them achieve goals and make meaningful relationships.

With HERDD, minimise your packaging waste, while maximising your own convenience, animals’ comfort and support for local business.



We are leading experts when it comes to grass affected horses. This is a highly specialised area of expertise. We are instrumental in the development of bio-available mineral products that solve the health and behavioural issues that stem from grass and feed mineral imbalances. 

Duwell use eco-friendly cardboard packaging that is compostable. 



BetaVet endeavours to provide optimum results in natural animal healthcare with focus on a total commitment to quality to ensure an efficacious product. This commitment is evidenced in the rigorous sourcing and testing of raw materials and herb active constituents to set a high standard for equine and animal products. All our botanical ingredients are tested for authenticity, potency, and purity to ensure that we are only using the best ingredients to gain the best results.



For some time we had been concerned about the impact of our woven poly bags on the environment. So in early 2019 we started investigating other options for bags. We soon settled on paper bags as the best option. Now we just had to find one big enough! Late 2019 we were the first in Australasia (possibly the world) to introduce paper bags for chaff. 

The business has grown, and ownership has changed, but we continue to be committed to bringing you high quality low dust chaff; just chaff. Nothing added and no fancy mixes.

Give us a try, you horse and the environment will not regret it!



Blue Pacific Minerals was founded by an entrepreneurial farmer, farming on land that turned out to be home to a very clever mineral.

What started with being a clever solution to cow lameness on races has gone on to solve numerous challenges, across varied industries, in over 20 different countries. 

Our company has grown exponentially in the drive to deliver more natural solutions. We are far from a 'rock mining' company, it is the clever attributes of the NZ zeolite that has opened up a world of possibilities and the world's growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions is fuelling the company's growth.

We are located in Tokoroa, New Zealand where we have state of the art facilities for drying, crushing, mixing and processing the zeolite into value added products to our customers specifications or packaged in to our home brand products.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be agile and customise to meet our customer's needs. 



Pure Oil New Zealand was founded in 2012 and has developed into New Zealand’s leading oilseed producer and manufacturer of quality oilseed products and brands. We have over 80 dedicated Grower Suppliers in the South Island who we share a commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our Grower Suppliers produce high oleic rapeseed, conventional rapeseed (canola) and high oleic sunflowers. We have also started growing GE free soya beans in 2021.



Based in the beautiful Canterbury region of New Zealand, we are a family-owned and operated business, proudly manufacturing premium quality animal health supplements in our own purpose built RMP facility. We are proud to work closely with our local Canterbury farmers to obtain the finest New Zealand grown flax seed products, that are used as core ingredients in our supplement range. The Canterbury region is a patchwork of agricultural activity, bordered by spectacular braided rivers and high-country lakes. The fertile and productive land produces more than 80% of New Zealand's grains, crops and seeds.

As guardians ('kaitiaki') of our land, we are responsible for protecting and treasuring our environment, soils and waters. We strive to reduce waste in all aspects of our business and operate sustainable business practices including recyclable bottles and order packaging. Our products are produced from sustainable sources, nourishing our animals in a way that is sustainable for our people and our land. Our farmers plant the flax seed on an annual crop rotation basis to ensure the soils are not depleted of essential nutrients, and to produce the very best yield and quality. 

The passionate team behind ProVida are brother and sister duo Nick Swift and Jenna White. We pride ourselves on our dedication to delivering a fantastic personal service to our customers and love the relationship we have with them. Our joy comes from knowing we have made a difference to the health and wellbeing of your four-legged friends. Being a small team, we are very adaptable and flexible to our customers’ needs, and committed to manufacturing and supplying the finest quality products we possibly can.

As a family we are very proud of our business and proud to be able to offer a little slice of New Zealand goodness to the world. We currently have over 350 stockists throughout New Zealand and many satisfied customers, as well as distribution partners in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, China and Japan. 

Our promise is to deliver superior nutritional pet supplements that are affordable, results-driven, and your animals will love! We believe that our animals are a very special part of the family and they deserve nothing but the best. We strive to be the best that we can be, and the best at what we do.



Donna Massey grew up in an animal loving family with a wide variety of pets. This upbringing led to her brother becoming a vet and her own household containing many four legged friends. More recently she has become very interested in microbial organisms. The two have come together perfectly in the form of EquineCare Probiotics. Donna loves the natural way of healing that beneficial microbes offer. In this day and age of toxins, biocides and antibiotic resistance, having a safe and effective solution is reassuring.

Along with animals, Donna is also fond of people so she'll be more than happy to talk you through any concerns or queries about your animal and using EquineCare Probiotic.



We created Grit&Grace as a company a little over 2 years ago. Initially we made dehydrated apples to ensure the kids always had a healthy snack at horse shows. We also wanted our horses to eat treats that are as natural as possible, free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers. GG's was born.
Our treats are carefully crafted in small batches, all from hand. We try to source apples as locally as possible, even planting our own small apple orchard this year to ensure we can provide the best natural treats available on the market using quality ingredients.
We use turmeric, for its anti-inflammatory properties, cinnamon to aide digestion and a hint of Himalayan pink salt.
My daughter Charlie (who makes the treats) supports the kid's equestrian community as much as possible, sponsoring events with bags of treats.
Grit & Grace also use eco-friendly paper packaging. 


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