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Holistic Hoiho



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Calci- Hōiho is an equine multi mineral & Oxalate balancer specially formulated with different modes of calcium absorption.  It offers Pre & Probiotic gastric buffer & balanced chelated minerals.

Hōiho (horses) that may benefit:

  • Grazing Kikuyu or high oxalate grasses
  • Mares in foal or feeding
  • Foals or young stock
  • Breeding stock
  • Older hōiho,
  • Spelling hōiho
  • Hōiho in light, medium or heavy work
  • Hōiho on a grain based diet.


Ingredients- Yeast (dead) Calcified Red Sea algae - porous form of calcium and effective gastric buffer Boron Calcium citrate Chromium Cobalt Copper Iodine Magnesium Manganese Selenium 0.01% Zinc. Minerals are chelated for the best absorbency

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