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Feed2U Bamboo Feed Scale

Feed2U Bamboo Feed Scale

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Our Feed2U Bamboo Feed Scale is the PERFECT addition to your feed room for weighing your feed! 

Weight vs. Volume

In any given feed room, you are likely to come across a wide variety of measuring utensils. Open scoops, dippers, ice cream containers, tins, jars, and bowls are commonly used to convey feed to the trough, and each may hold a different volume of feed.

Equine nutrition consultants often hear from horse owners that they use a 1-kg (2.2-lb) scoop. Due to different feeds having different densities, this is hardly accurate. Although a scoop of chaff has the same volume as the same scoop of pellets or muesli (textured feed), the varying densities of these feeds means that they weigh very different amounts. A 2-litre (1/2-gallon) scoop of a pelleted feed may weigh up to 1.5 kg (3 lb), whereas that same 2-litre scoop of lucerne (alfalfa) chaff will weigh much less.

(From Kentucky Equine Research -

* Weighs your feeds up to 5kg.

* Comes with batteries.

* Eco-friendly bamboo (wood grain varies) 

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