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Glenwillow Feeds

Glenwillow Rumen Plus (25kg)

Glenwillow Rumen Plus (25kg)

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High Protein

Poor quality fibres like straw and hay, especially if long stemmed, are indigestible in a young calf. These bulky fibres remain in the rumen until the calf can ruminate (chew cud) enough to grind it down. This takes up valuable space needed for the high energy and high protein feeds that fuel calf growth, especially when milk is restricted. Even when chopped, these fibre types provide a limited nutrient supply for rumen microbial fermentation, and chopping or chaffing can create short, sharp fibres that can damage the mouth, oesophagus or stomachs.

High Fibre

Fibre is absolutely essential in the calf shed for rumen development. Ruminants require quality fibre in the diet to maximise production and maintain health by sustaining a stable environment within the rumen. The focus of calf rearing should be to rear a calf to perform on pasture. If the calves you are rearing need to achieve maximum milk or beef production from pasture, then setting the rumen up for life with quality fibre early cannot be overemphasised. But both fibre quality and form are paramount.

Locally produced

We take control of the full process from growing the Lucerne then hand picking select few paddocks that we will use to take through to our bagged product. Using our late model mowers and rakes to reduce leaf losses through to our baleing and wrapping process. The product ferments under controlled conditions in the bale and is then stored as wrapped bales until the order is placed for the bagged feed. Once we have the order of the feed we then chaff, bag and vacuum pack the order for distributing to the client the next day, this ensures our product is always fresh and easy to remove from the bag.

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