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Organic Minerals & Vitamins Powder

Organic Minerals & Vitamins Powder

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Maximises performance and calmness, health and well-being.

Now Iron and sulphur FREE!

An essential daily supply of organic minerals and vitamins formulated for horses in performance competition, racing, breeding and pleasure riding. Also provides important trace elements and vitamins lacking in many New Zealand feed crops and soils.

No more sunburned noses or mudfever riddled white socks! Customers are loving the results they are getting! 


5gm/100kg horse/pony per day 
OR 3gm/100kg horse/pony if feeding other supplementary feeds containing vitamins n minerals

Store in a cool, dry place.

Do not exceed recommended dose rate.

Do not use other feeds containing selenium, or when using pasture fertilizer or prills that contains selenium.
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